Walking Songs

by John Rice

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Songs written & recorded by John Rice
Dedicated to Chris Webb


released June 14, 2016

John: Guitars, Basses, Banjo
Tommy Krebs: Drums & Percussion
Emileigh Tanner: Voice
Laurence Scudder: Viola


all rights reserved



John Rice Albany, New York

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Track Name: Hearsay
lately silence is the most beautiful sound
some say it is a virtue, too
there is a question of what you done propound
but not in doubt is your turpitude

hold on, hold on
to your heresay & your grudge,
they won’t get me down again

no sensed contrition, replete with pride
face pressed on the window glass eyes closed to the inside
in can be proved impossible to hear the lack of sound
with every further utterance continues the downward slide

hold on, hold on
to your heresay & your grudge,
they won’t get me down again

not as slow as when it was just less unknown
like moving faster through the fog
but as it cleared bright light appeared & a fitful love was shone
on what was left & what never even made the prologue
Track Name: Once Was a Time
once was a time
you said you'd forever be mine
Track Name: Lonely Road
this is a lonely road that i’m walking
i’ll be walking to the end or till i’ve had enough
no map or stars are gonna guide you
like they say, you’ve got to walk it by yourself

this is a lonely road that i’m traveling
the path is unclear but it’s laid out in front of me
i’m not begging, i’m just looking for an offering
...some peace of mind &/or what have you for whiskey

this is a lonely road that i’ve been on
but i know my sweetheart will be right there at the end for me
she’ll be waiting just for to be forgiven
for leaving me the life i was left to lead
Track Name: Wits End
i was at my wits end
wasn't thinking foe or friend
maybe another time or face
i wasn't thinking foe or friend

i worked so hard my smokes got bent
words are just words when they are said
more than seeds is carried on the breeze
a whole sea of grasses bend

it seems fine right when you wake up
chase them fuzzies out the head
how can there still be belief
of what's been seen or said

what's to grab hold upon
when missing meaning it are found
in the place between awake and dreaming
feet touch the ground

take the time before we knew better
wasn't laughing then
remember the size of his hands
wrinkled face turning red
Track Name: Circle
do you remember the time
when we were up on the hills
chasing the sunset
that was one of the best times i could remember

watching the light go down
taking it all in
standing in awe
not wanting for an end
Track Name: Everything I Know
with a new beginning
less ample time to pray
everything i know leads from that day

another formed original
couldn’t have been invented
everything i know leading from that day

not all of what was given
can be returned or doubted
everything i know leads from that day

the wax taper’s burnt down
but it’s still lightening the way
everything i know leads unto that day

a memory is what remains
of future past or present
everything i know leads from this day

and some things go unrevealed
until light strikes it that way
everything i know leads from this day

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